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Nexus Aurora unites aspiring aerospace teams into one global net that
facilitates research and projects development for the upcoming
Mars & Moon settlement effort.
Space Ventures
Global Innovation Network
Countless teams across the world are readying
for the upcoming Mars settlement engineering effort.
If you know deep down that Mars will be your new home,
this is where you start training. Today!
Mission concepts
Plan in full detail the logistics and hardware
needed for space habitation
Research Programs
Develop theories, run fundamental research
and publish research reports
Hardware Blueprints
Design and test hardware concepts for the
upcoming space settlement effort
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Orbital Station
In orbit facilities that serve the purpose of handling the traffic of goods and people between Earth and Mars.
Martian spacesuits will have enormous challenges to overcome if they are to be mass produced at a reliable quality.
Modular Habitats
In the early phases of the colony bootstrapping modular habitats are an essential asset.
Mars Farming
Farming on Mars requires large surface area. We need a cheap and reliable way to build greenhouses.
Spaceport Ops
Up to 1000 Starships are expected to depart from Earth per launch window. A proper spaceport is essential.
Surface Rovers
In the early stages of the colony we will need multipurpose autonomous vehicles able to execute all kinds of tasks.
Projects updates & Achievements
Project milestones offer a quick overview of the progress made by the development team.
Objectives and interactive documents enable new users to quickly onboard.
Teams can join forces to develop large scale projects.
Modular Housing Design. 6m diameter modules for outposts on Mars
Posted by: u/SpaceInstructor
Space Instructor
Nexus Aurora unites teams of aerospace engineers in an open R&D community. We are examining options to colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond. Our agenda includes rockets, launchpads, space stations, rovers, habitats, medical, and many other topics.
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Nexus Aurora unites teams of aerospace engineers in an open R&D community. We are examining options to colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond. Our agenda includes rockets, launchpads, space stations, rovers, habitats, medical, and many other topics. Here you can share your engineering and scientific skills for the ultimate challenge: colonizing space. Upon arrival, SpaceInstructor will greet and guide you. A big warm welcome to all the ambitious space explorers!
24 Apr 2020
Urban Planning
Open Source
Any topic ranging from hardware, software and engineering down to philosophical questions about the future of the human race in space is equally suitable to start a new project.

Project pages contain all the essential tools and information needed by your team to work online from any place in the world (even from space).
Plan Distribution of Rail Stations In The Mining Sectors
We are happy to announce that our proposal documentation is days away from being available for you to review
Project leaders can refine the scope of the project by setting up objectives. Clearly defined objectives help contributors better organize their efforts.

Objectives that have been already fulfilled are listed in the news feed. Think of them as a timeline of the project. Use them to get community feedback.
The most active and influential community members become leaders. Leaders setup goals and help new and veteran users find the right solutions.
Meetings are essential for progressing the project agenda. Organic schedules and a rate of at least one meeting per week increase members participation significantly.
Financial Support
The more successful and popular a project is the more likely is to secure funding. The best teams have a strong chance of becoming successful aerospace businesses.
Workspaces are lists of the online tools needed by teams to carry out their operations. Publishing these links is essential for quick onboarding of new users.

All sorts of tools such as task management, event scheduling, document sharing and live chatting can be listed for quick access.
Publishing the most important documents makes the work of the team a lot more visible.

Teams can attract outside support by publishing their documents. Contributors can easily review them and provide helpful feedback.
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Felix M. Müllner
Student, Author,
Humanity and Beyond co-founder
I've been fascinated by space exploration since I can remember. I want to help with the further exploration of Mars, other planets and beyond. I'm especially fascinated with education in space exploration and how technology changes education. -Magna Mars
Mitchell Farnsworth
Space Geek, Father,
Nested Storage co-founder
My passion is to push forward Mars colonization plans by helping drive collaboration between various space organizations and experts. One podcast interview at a time.
Akshat Patel
Highschool Student, Aspiring Astronaut, Lead of Cosmo Giants
Cosmo Giants, MSO
I have dreamt about reaching the stars since I was small. I am the leader of Cosmo Giants. I am part of the team designing a probe to explore Venus as well as a lunar mining bot.
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